Logistics marketplace meets financial exchange

We bring financial market efficiency
to the transportation marketplace.

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How it works

Place order

A shipper, or buyer of capacity, submits an order to buy future transportation needs.
A carrier, or seller of capacity, submits an order to sell future capacity at a set rate.

Platform matches orders

LE matches the best fit buy and sell orders that meet the criteria set by both parties.

Enter LE Forward™ contract

A digital, enforceable contract is entered into on the platform, binding both parties to abide by LE's trading rules.

If all goes as planned, the carrier provides transportation services in the pre-agreed date, and the shipper pays the carrier as specified in the digital contract. If either party's needs change, they can trade out their contract on the LE Platform.

LE remains engaged throughout, ready to help if any issues arise.

Watch a short demo of how the LE platform supports shippers and carriers in entering LE ForwardTM contracts where they benefit most.


Watch LogisticsExchange CEO Anshu Prasad discuss his vision for the firm and the transportation issues the firm will resolve.

LE’s digital platform for buying and selling transportation capacity helps members reduce administrative workload, refocus resources to strategic activities, and save money. LE’s digital, enforceable contracts are governed by fair and transparent trading rules, overseen by a respected team of industry stakeholders. Built for the industry, by a team with decades of logistics, technology and finance experience, the LE Platform connects the broader market of service providers and shippers to better secure and manage transportation.

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Buy insurance: guarantee capacity, service and cost with enforceable, binding digital contracts

Protect budgets: safeguard against rising rates, tightening capacity, and driver shortages

Reduce costs: lock-in lower rates, freeing up resources for more strategic activities


Pre-book capacity: guarantee baseloads, locking in and protecting margins

Improve planning: use long-term binding commitments to anchor investment, pricing and bidding decisions

Reduce costs: shift resources from customer acquisition, managing driver unfriendly freight etc. to more strategic activities


Buy insurance: guarantee margins, covering customer commitments with guaranteed capacities and rates

Manage risks: use forward contracts and rates to better focus on higher margin, lower risk business

Reduce costs: lock-in lower rates, freeing up resources for more strategic activities

LE Platform™

LE's digital platform provides insights into future rates, a valuable resource for transportation buyers and service providers. These data, combined with LE's digital contracting tools, allow market participants to improve risk management and service and cost reliability.


Join our team of world class professionals who’ve come together to help transform logistics using our digital, analytics and industry expertise. We bring decades of experience in logistics, having helped the largest shippers, carriers and 3PLs improve service and reduce costs.